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Krystle Corrigan - Krystle Corrigan is the Artistic Director at Step On Stage Dance Company and brings an enthusiasm and dedication to Dance that is reflected in her students dancing. Her goal is to provide all students with a fun understanding of dance and a sense of accomplishment.

Krystle began dancing at the age of 5 and is still dancing. She started instructing students in the year 1999 and has instructed Hip Hop classes in some of the High Schools. Krystle has trained in several styles of dance including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip Hop. Krystle has travelled in Canada and the United States to attend various conventions to keep current and further her training in various dance styles. She has had the pleasure of taking classes with some amazing choreographers like Lil ‘C, Stacey Tookey, Tyce Diorio, Bradley Rapier and other famous dancers and choreographers. Krystle looks forward to another great year of dancing at Step On Stage Dance Company.


Sandra Sasko - Sandra Sasko is the owner of Step On Stage Dance Company. Sandra has been involved with managing different aspect of a dance studio for several years. She is proud to be working with her daughter Krystle by her side. Sandra enjoys interacting with the parents and students at the studio.

Jacy Kautzman
Jacy began dancing at the age of 7 and plans to continue dancing for many years to come. She has been an assistant at the studio for 8 years. Jacy trains in multiple dance styles at the studio such as Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Street Jazz. During her high school years Jacy was involved in cheerleading and pom squad and since graduating has taught a dance workshop for high school phys-ed. Jacy loves spending as much time at the studio she can and can't wait for the memories, laughs and great dancing the future has to bring.

Sarah Longpre
Sarah began dancing at the age of 10 with Hip-Hop, since then she has widened her dance experience to many more styles including Lyrical, Jazz, Tap and Street Jazz. She has attended Triple Threat Dance Convention for 7 years and has received training from amazing choreographers and dancers including Sho Tyme, Lil' C, Tina Landon, Megan & Matt (America's Best Dance Crew - Fannypack) and many more. Sarah's been an Assistant for the dance studio for 7 years and enjoys every minute of being down at the studio. Sarah is looking forward to new dance season and all that it will have to offer.

Brenley Schaan
Brenley Schaan has been an assistant at Step On Stage Dance Company for the last couple of years and is always filled with energy and positive encouragement towards other dancers. Brenley has been dancing since she was 6 years old and has studied many different dance styles such as Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Street Jazz. She has won many awards and scholarships with the studio. She has competed with the studio in competitions within Saskatoon. Brenley is excited to work hard and enjoy everything this dance season has to bring.

Sarah Kotyk
Sarah began dancing at the age of two and has loved it ever since. She has competed in numerous competitions and taken part in many workshops across Saskatchewan. Sarah has completed RAD Ballet Examinations in both softslipper ballet and pointe and she has completed CDTA Jazz examinations as well. She has also trained in other styles of dance including Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Tap. Sarah recently began teaching and assisting dance classes and looks forward to the coming year at Step On Stage Dance Company!

Amber Freistadt
Amber Freistadt began dancing at Step on Stage Dance Company at the age of 8 in tap and jazz, and has since then been involved in many types of dance including lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and street jazz. She has been an assistant in the studio for several years and has enjoyed teaching dance. Amber has been involved in dance competitions and conventions such as Triple Threat, The Performer and Dance Aberdeen. Amber enjoys the positive and upbeat energy of young kids and can't wait to see them express that energy in the form of dance. She looks forward to her time at the studio and sharing her love for dance with her students.

Steven McLean
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Taryn Swinnerton
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