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Respect Studio
Please all Students, Parents and Guests must remove all outer footwear before entering the waiting rooms at the studio entrance.

NO STREET SHOES WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE STUDIO DANCE FLOOR. THIS MEANS IF YOU HAVE WORN YOUR SHOES OUTSIDE, YOU MUST TAKE THEM OFF!! The studio and washrooms are to be kept tidy, please use coat hooks provided in the hallway or take your belongings with you and place them in the bins inside the studios. Please take all your empty containers and garbage with you or place in the trash can in the washroom or waiting area just off Studio 1 and 2. There are also recycle bins for bottles and cans.

Food and Drinks
Please do not eat in the studios. No gum or candy in class. All drinks must be in a closed container, no cans or drinking boxes, as these get spilled very easily.

Please keep noise down in the hallways, waiting areas and washrooms while classes are in progress.

Please do not enter class or open the studio doors while classes are in progress. Friends, siblings and parents are welcome to watch on designated viewing days only, unless other arrangements
are made with the instructors. (Check calendar for the dates that are marked as Parent's nights or Parent's Day-November 22nd to 26th, 2010 and March 7th to 11th, 2011)

Attendance is very important. Please make sure you keep regular attendance and be on time and ready for all your classes. If you are unable to attend, you must inform your instructor before or phone as soon as you know. Missed lessons result in the student falling behind and lowering the productivity of the group as a whole. A student may be required to make up missed classes and would be responsible to pay for the instructor's time. Any student missing too many classes, maybe asked to withdraw from the class, as it is unfair to the other students in the class. Remember to practise during the week between classes.
Lost and Found: All articles of dance wear should be clearly labelled with the Student's name. We suggest that you also mark the size on the bottom of the dance shoes. There will be a box in the waiting
room or office for lost and found. At the end of each dancing year the box will be cleaned out and any items left in the box will be given away.
We are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please, avoid any disappointments and leave anything that is of value to you at home. Please note that 4 lates will equal one absense.  for example; 8 lates over the years will equal to 2 absenses



Dance Studio Saskatoon