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Our Dancing Year consists of nine months. Fees are Due and payable at the beginning of each
month or you can break your payments for the nine months down however it suits you the
best(for example: you can pay in three equal payments dated September 1, December 1, and
March 1). We are asking that your dance fees be left for the entire year in either nine monthly
post-dated cheques or post-dated cheques for however you are breaking your payments down.
This is a great benefit for everyone so that we don’t have to be collecting fees every month and
we can enjoy our Parent’s Day and Nights. Any other payment arrangements must be prearranged.

Make cheques payable to: Step On Stage Dance Company. Dance Fees are based
on three dance lessons per month. There will be a $20.00 charge on all cheques that are
returned and when two cheques have been returned , cash only will be accepted. There are no
refunds for classes that are not attended by students. When a Student’s dance fees are not paid
for a month, they will not be allowed to continue dancing until the fees are brought up to date.

Refund Policy
To receive a refund when a student is withdrawing from dance classes, notification is
required one month by the 1st of the month, prior to the month involved. For example: if a
student is not able to continue dancing in December, notification must be given by November 1st.
Upon withdrawal all dance fees that have been paid past the month of withdrawal, will be
refunded or any post-dated cheques will be destroyed. No Refunds will be given after January 1,
therefore, you must give notice by December 1.

Additional Cost
Proper Dance attire and dance shoes as outlined under Proper Dress Code
Dance costumes that are required for the annual Dance Recitals. We try to keep the cost of
costumes reasonable. We will be trying to make sure that the costumes will be partially dance
attire and therefore, can be worn to dance class next year. A Dance Costume is required for
every routine that the student is performing in. These must be paid in full by the end of
November. Please make all cheques for costumes payable to Step On Stage Dance Company.
Orders will be placed in December, therefore, if you have not paid for your costumes, it will be
your responsibility to try and get your costume. Any costumes paid for after November, 2010 will
be an additional $10.00 per week. You can make payments before the end of November.

Step On Stage Dance Company Accessories
Any one interested in ordering a Step On Stage Dance Company Hoodie, T-shirt, or Sweats,
please ask Sandra for an order form. Sizing is available at the studio. The costs of the above
garments will be on the order sheets. If you are wanting any of these items for Christmas gifts,
you will have to order by November 1.

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